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As an American visiting the State of Qatar, I had tons of questions regarding the Qatari culture (and Arab culture in general). With the help of Amal and her team, Embrace Doha catered to our every need from business etiquette to Family culture. Every session they conducted with us was very professional, friendly and inviting. They allowed “Open questions” and never once got offended with our questions. They are very passionate about what they do and I highly recommend Embrace Doha for all of your cultural needs, whether you are a visitor or live in the country. 10 Stars!

Matthew Addison Former Chief, Clearance Office, USAF

Embrace Doha is a fantastic initiative created by an amazing Local founder. I'm proud of the fact that they not only help spread local culture and awareness, but also help represent Qatar in a positive light. Embrace Doha helps expats especially feel at home here. I'm proud that ILQ and QTips can support their initiatives. A great company with a caring heart.

Khalifa Saleh Al Haroon Founder & CEO of iLoveQatar

As a Qatari woman, I am so proud of Amal AlShammari and Embrace Doha, she’s breaking the barriers between tourists and locals by providing full cultural experience that helps them to understand the Qatari life style. This project is definitely adding a lot of value to tourism in Doha, and open a door to the world.

Tahani Al-Hajri Writer and blogger

I joined the Embrace Doha Ramadan introduction session at Souq Waqif in my free time and really enjoyed it and added value to my life. So, some might say, a modern Danish furniture retailer and traditional Qatari lifestyle, a traditional local with his falcon next to modern armchairs, Arabic coffee served to customers? How does that work together?  Well, it does. I believe, it is our responsibility to honor Qatari lifestyle and to merge the best of two worlds and to create something new, to inspire and to get inspired.

Sylwia Kinga Schafranietz Store Manager -  BoConcept Qatar 

We worked closely on the Qatar National Day project at Katara in 2015; and the collaboration between both our organisations showed great success at the execution of the event. Embrace Doha delivered an outstanding event that attracted a huge crowd and engaged with families like no other. We are very proud to have sponsored Henna Ahalha as we saw the true meaning of cultural exposure in the appropriate platform.

Zeina Abu-Issa Sr. Sponsorships Manager - Vodafone Qatar
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Amal Al-Shammari

Born and raised in Doha, Amal came from a big traditional family of Bedouin heritage. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Qatar University in 2011 and currently works as Head of Business Planning Department in an oil and gas company. She is also the founder of Embrace Doha and a member of the Qatar Leadership Centre.

Embrace others and let your soul, mind and actions shape the world you want to live in

Areej Al Sababa

I am passionate girl who love creativity.

When we exchange culture experiences, we promote diversity and convergence of civilizations, this is a key aspect to build upon the success of Embrace Doha

Hafiz Dhiyaurrahman

Hafiz is an easy-going individual and he's all about smiles. He has a degree in Events Management. He believes that making people smile is the key to your own happiness. Embrace Doha presents the opportunity for him to do all this - implement the skills he learned as an event organizer and making people happy.

You give me 100%, I will give you 200% back. If you give me 95% your not getting back anything. - Arvin Lal, CEO of Shredz

Mohamed Heydar

Graduated from MMU University where he studied BBA in Management with Multimedia. An ambitious person that seeks to achieve his dreams in the business world. In his spare time, Mohamed spends his time reading, playing football, and traveling.

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