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25 February, 2016 | 4:06 PM by

“Embrace Doha will be giving the visiting members a tour of the house and different sections of it and show them how it used to be back then and how it has changed over the years,” Ashok Choudhary, the Communication Manager for Embrace Doha, tells Community.

As usual, you would have to register with Embrace Doha and the trip would begin at Souq Waqif at 3pm on February 13. From there, the registered members would be driven in a bus with a group of people to Al Thakhira, near Al Khor, which is around 70km north of Doha. Embrace Doha is a one-of-its-kind platform to provide orientation about the local Qatari culture and helping the incoming expatriates to better understand the country which many end up making their second home.
It holds regular orientation sessions at Souq Waqif. Through prior bookings the two-hour long session is attended by a mix of expatriates from different walks of life who are given an extensive knowledge of the Qatari ways of living, customs and culture through presentations.
The participants also get to try on the traditional Qatari outfits and taste the local cuisine, learning the complete local etiquette of dressing and food.
“We first orient the participants about the hospitality aspect of the Qatari culture which includes information on how the local people gather in a majlis and treat each other with tea and in exactly what manner it is done,” says Ashok.
“There are also presentations on the local dress and outfits besides information on how to dress for different occasions. The session also includes information on what is considered as acceptable outfit in public besides how to approach the local people,” he adds.
The participants are then invited to try on the outfit by themselves. The presentations session is followed by a dinner comprising different Qatari dishes. After the dinner, the platform is opened for questions where the participants can ask questions on any aspects of the Qatari culture for better understanding.
Embrace Doha is the first service provider of its kind in Qatar, offering a range of cultural services that cater to the needs of newcomers, expatriates, and visitors alike.
“We aim to become the primary cultural resource for anyone interested in learning more about our fascinating country,” say the organisers.
The services can be tailored for companies and individuals. The Embrace Doha team of professional consultants possesses in-depth knowledge about the Arabian Gulf region in general, and Qatar, in particular, and will guide participants in acquiring a better understanding of the region’s lifestyle, customs, and business etiquette.
The platform aims to provide an outstanding range of cultural services that cater to the needs of clients, both businesses and individuals in Qatar. It intends to provide residents, newcomers, and visitors with sufficient cultural awareness to understand and effectively interact with Qatari society.
The mission of Embrace Doha is to introduce their clients to the values, principles, customs and traditions of Qatar and the Gulf region, to create healthy cross-cultural dialogue between Qataris and non-Qataris based on mutual respect and understanding.
It also aims to reduce misunderstanding, faux pas, and embarrassment when interacting with Qataris besides encouraging tourism in Qatar by familiarising their clients with the country’s landmarks, history, and future ambitions.


Source: Gulf Times