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Embrace Doha is the first service provider of its kind in Qatar, offering a range of cultural services that cater to the needs of newcomers, expatriates, and visitors alike.

We aim to become the primary cultural resource for anyone interested in learning more about our fascinating country.

Our services can be tailored for companies and individuals. Our team of professional consultants possesses in-depth knowledge about the Arabian Gulf region in general, and Qatar in particular, and will guide you in acquiring a better understanding of the region’s lifestyle, customs, and business etiquette.


By 2020, we aim to become the preferred cultural resource for people living in and visiting Doha.


Provide an outstanding range of cultural services that cater to the needs of clients, both businesses and individuals in Qatar.


  1. To provide residents, newcomers, and visitors with sufficient cultural awareness to understand and effectively interact with Qatari society.
  2. To introduce our clients to the values, principles, customs & traditions of Qatar and the Gulf region, to create healthy cross-cultural dialogue between Qataris and non-Qataris based on mutual respect and understanding.
  3. To reduce misunderstanding, fauxpas, and embarrassment when interacting with Qatari’s.
  4. To encourage tourism in Qatar by familiarize our clients with the country’s landmarks, history, and future ambitions.
  5. To support the realization of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

How ED contribute to QNV 2030?

Qatar’s sound management of its bountiful hydrocarbon resources will continue to secure improvements in standards of living. However, an improved standard of living cannot be the only goal of a society. To remain true to its values, Qatar must balance five major challenges:

  • Modernization and preservation of traditions
  • The needs of this generation and the needs of future generations
  • Managed growth and uncontrolled expansion
  • The size and the quality of the expatriate labor force and the selected path of development
  • Economic growth, social development and environmental management

The Team

Amal Alshammari

Founder & Director Manager

Leader, Creative and Ambitious

Ashok Choudhary

Communications Coordinator

Effective, Helpful and Frinedly

Abdullah Alemadi

Social Media Specialist

Thinker, Philoshpher and Geek


Project Manager

Curious, Adventurous and Arabophile

Cultural Journeys Team

Omar Almoflehi

Open Minded, Art Loving and Nerd

Reema Altamimi

Energetic, Smily and Leader

Mohammed Altamimi

Optimistic, Ambitious and Leader

Zeen Alyahri

Optimistic, Welcoming and Accepting