The first of its kind in Qatar, Embrace Doha offers a diverse range of sessions and events aimed at enriching the cultural experiences of expatriates and visitors.

We assist companies, ministries, educational entities and the public to develop cultural know-how among their employees and guests through activities, excursions, and entertainment.

Our team of locals and residents with in-depth knowledge of Qatar and the Arabian Gulf will guide your guests through the region’s unique lifestyle, with the ability to communicate in English and Arabic.


By 2022, we aim to become the preferred cultural resource for people living in and visiting Qatar.


Provide a wide range of cultural services that cater to the needs of clients, both businesses and individuals in Qatar.


  1. To introduce our clients to the values, customs and traditions of Qatar and the Gulf region.
  2. To reduce culture shock for newcomers and address cultural misconceptions.
  3. To create a healthy cross-cultural dialogue between locals and expatriates based on mutual respect and understanding.
  4. To provide residents, newcomers, and visitors with sufficient cultural awareness to understand and effectively interact with Qatari society.To encourage tourism in Qatar by promoting the country’s landmarks, history and future ambitions to
  5. our guests.
  6. To support the realization of Qatar National Vision 2030 by balancing modernization and preserving traditions.

How Embrace Doha contribute to QNV 2030?

Qatar’s sound management of its bountiful hydrocarbon resources will continue to secure improvements in standards of living. However, an improved standard of living cannot be the only goal of a society. To remain true to its values, Qatar must balance five major challenges:

  1. Modernization and preservation of traditions
  2. The needs of this generation and the needs of future generations
  3. Managed growth and uncontrolled expansion
  4. The size and the quality of the expatriate labor force and the selected path of development
  5. Economic growth, social development and environmental management